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Book & Journals

Welcome to my creations if you love journals I have created many for different areas of life, all available now on Amazon

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Leo Queen's Journals

Enjoy plenty of journals from coffe, gym tracker, tarot card reader to gratitude, and prayer journals now all available on  Amazon!

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Ruby Rose and The Crystal

I wrote the book in a time of a Tower moment of my life after being made redundant from my job, break up from my beloved, no friends, no family due to the pandemic. All I had were four walls and my idea for an adventure. I decided I will put all my emotion and share it with the world so you can discover different dimensions and superhuman abilities that will inspire you to believe more in your inner strength. Only to realize after my ayahuasca journey that I was guided by Source the whole time and was not writing a book, but I was channeling the book!

Follow Ruby's adventures to worlds known and unknown! Join her on a self-discovery to her superpowers!

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