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Negotiate Like A Queen Program  

What Will You Learn?

  1. Understanding the art of sales

  2. How to influence their behavior

  3. Mirroring to create bonding

  4. How to negotiate?

  5. Pain vs Objections

  6. Building rapport

  7. How to start asking the questions?

  8. How to frame?

  9. Command Like A Queen

  10. Value vs Price

    Plus 3 key ingredients to polish your skills and become the best in the filed


Who will benefit from the training?

SMEs that want to improve their sales teams! Book a FREE consultation!

Are you ready to become a Queen and master the art of selling?

Office Meeting

What Is The Solution?

About Tanya

Tanya Hazhieva is a Senior Sales Executive she has 6 years of experience in sales, negotiation and business development. She has been working with start ups, corporates and private companies. Her approach of sales is very consultative and she combines her sales skills with her spirituality to teach you best of both worlds. She talks about manifestation from a view point of 5 D Ascention and how to combine the spirituality and the practical skills of sales in your work place.

Tanya Hadzhieva is a heart-centered sales coach.

No pushy sales ...


What are the problems faced by a salesman?

Here are seven challenges that even successful salespeople face:

  • Stress. It's very well-known that sales is a stressful profession, and the top producers are in no way immune from the stress. ...

  • Losing deals. ...

  • Difficult prospects. ...

  • Pressure from management. ...

  • Becoming demoralized. ...connecting spirituality with sales material skills

  • Market changes. ...


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