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Experience the Magic of Consciousness & Negotiate Like A Queen

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Meet  Leo Crystal Queen

Tanya Hadzhieva ( Leo Crystal Queen) is a multi-award-winning author;  spiritual leadership public speaker and queen of negotiation. Her main purpose is to be light, speak light, and share the light with the world so we can transcend the Golden Age. Her mission is to help women in business who are going under a lot of stress and want to become queens in sales. She combines her spiritual and business side for the best results in her programs.  She has 5 years in sales and business development working with start-ups, corporates, and private companies undergoing multiple burnouts which is why she is dedicated to helping women to be stress-free. She is also the UK Ambassador of the


Ruby Rose and The Crystal Palace

Ruby Rose and The Crystal Palace is an inspirational young adult fiction book.

It motivates you to believe in your inner strength and courage after a loss of a dear one.
Healing comes through unconditional love, when we love we always win!

It will take you on an inner and outer discovery to other dimensions!

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At MindGym, we're leading the way in the world of mental fitness. Our goal is to empower individuals with tools and techniques that help them strengthen their minds and reach their full potential. Led by renowned expert Leo Crystal Queen, our program has already helped thousands of individuals around the world achieve greater levels of clarity, motivation, and success. Are you ready to join the movement?

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5.0 out of 5 stars

“Such an inspiration this fascinating adventure Ruby Rose goes on!
I love the fighting spirit in her!
This is a great book about the amazing journey Ruby Rose has to experience in order to grow and transform into the powerful woman she was born to be.
If you’re a spiritual being and believe in Magic, this is a “must” read.
Highly recommended!”




5.0 out of 5 stars
Real-life and fantasy worlds are beautifully intertwined

I loved this book because I found it really fascinating how beautifully and cleverly real life and the fantasy world were intertwined. It was an easy and reflective read, really enjoyed it. Great work! I can't wait to see what is coming next from Tanya.

Aylin Webb
Mind & Mood 

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