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Passionate about storytelling? Stand out from the crowd and share your voice!



Feature in:
Queen's Joy Magazine

Are you a 5 Dimension world news enthusiast? Queen's Joy is a hub for all the news you seek. Since 2021, we’ve been engaging our readers with topics that interest them the most. From healing, crystals, personal development inspiration stories, to books and breaking news, our team is passionate about providing a wide range of articles that suit your interests. We are here to support your awakening process! Do you have a story, service or product to share? We would love to hear from you. Let's co-create 
together and raise the frequencies on our planet!

Feature in the magazine 2 pages article + 2 professional photos provided by you

Feature in 

wake up call show wiyh crystal queen2NEW.jpg

Feature on The
Wake Up Call Show

Inspire others with your wisdom and knowledge! 

Welcome To The Royal Family! Wake Up Call Show is a global platform for inspirational stories about Alternative Medicine Healing! How humans have awakened the Lion inside and unleashed their creativity to follow their desire and passion to build an Empire!


wake up call show wiyh crystal queen2NEW.jpg

Feature in:
Leo Crystal Queen's

I'm calling forward 33 Queens & 33 Kings who have overcome challenges, risen above their limiting beliefs, and stepped fully into the power of embodying their authentic Selves.

Queen's like YOU who have a powerful story of transformation, and are ready to inspire others.

Healers and intuitive who are ready to express themselves fully in a supportive container, coming together in a community of like-minded and diverse sisters and brothers of light!

Soulful coaches who have a potent story to tell and know that the time is NOW.

Share your voice and let it ripple in the Universe.

After publishing Ruby Rose and The Crystal Palace now I am supporting other Queens & Kings in a done-for-you collaborative process to allow them to become published authors by Fall.


Ultimate Exposure Deal 
Time To Shine 

Get a chance to share your inspirational story, service, or product now on all our platforms! 
Wake Up Call Show Interview
Queen's Joy Magazine Feature
Leo Crystal Queen's Empire Book Feature



Want to be on the cover?


We are now offering the cover of the magazine as well! 

The package includes:

Professional Cover Photo provided by you
2 Pages article in the magazine & photos in the article (max 2 )

All photos need to be professional and with good resolution as well as the cover needs to match the season of publication!

Our exciting Summer edition is June 2022!


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