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The book is about a high school graduate that loses her grandma and that leads to a complete transformation. It also unlocked her talents and gifts as a superhuman coming from other dimensions.



The book is here to inspire people especially those who are going through very painful times as it brings courage and strength to believe in our inner power and understand we are much more than our physical body.

The story teaches us what unconditional love is and how it can be a source of infinite inspiration to the world.


Follow Ruby's adventure through worlds known and unknown, in her quest for love, truth and purpose. Can her life's lessons lead her to a power that will save much more than her own soul? Will she ever reunite with her other half?

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Meet the Author-

Tanya Hadzieva

Tanya Hadzeiva is a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner by Dr. Eric Pearl. She has had 3 years of practice helping more than 100 people through their spiritual journey. Since 2017 she has been studying numerous holistic therapies to address the role of disease in humans.

Her advice and insight have been featured in High Profile Magazine, The Energy Healing Magazine, and health triangle. She is the host of The Wake-Up Call show &
editor of Queen's Joy magazine that keep inspiring people from all around the world.

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